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Woodpecker Coffee Dripper

The Coffee Pour Over set including one coffee pot, one filter cup. Filter papers will be included as a gift!
Dimension information is showed in the picture.

Capacity: 650 ml.

Inspired by the woodpecker, this pourover coffee set is designed to not only solve the pin point of coffee making, but also add a lively and lively to your home as a gorgeour decoration. The designer summed up the experience of using traditional filter cups in the past, and designed a drip-proof filter cup. After brewing the coffee, the filter cup can be placed directly on the table, and the remaining water stains will drip into the tank at the bottom.

Don't have to be a professional to brew your own pour-over coffee. With this set, everyone could make a wonderful coffee! All the details of design make this set a perfect coffee brewer tool! Perfect gift for coffee lovers, beginners, your partners and friends!

You can brew up to three fresh cups of coffee by using this set. Share a cup with a friend or enjoy them all by yourself.

How to make a pour over coffee?

1. Place two paper coffee filter inside of the coffee maker.
2. Add 1-3 scoops of coffee.
3. Pour hot water just enough to wet the coffee. Wait for a couple seconds.
4. Pour more hot water and fill up your cup.

Cleanning Instruction:
* Food safe
* Microwave safe (not for the kettle)
* Dishwasher safe. Hand wash recommended.
* Don't scrub the item.

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